Reaching for the Stars

Reaching for the Stars

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Liner Notes: 

skirmish prompt "reach for the stars"


Reaching for the Stars

Mister Chester Thomas was working in the office when he went downstairs to get some tea
He was pondering his choice when he was love struck by her voice
The first time he heard Cardi B

He said in his confession she soon was his obsession
So he followed her everywhere she'd go
He thought he had it made when he ran onto the stage
When she was a guest on Jimmy Fallon's show

He was tackled to the ground cause you shouldn't mess around
Now he's in prison behind bars
Like the judge said "Keep your hands to yourself
You can't be reaching for the stars"

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Clever play on the prompt. Like the little internal rhymes. Fun and well delivered! Thx

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Oh! Ha. I was totally surprised with this interpretation. I think this is an original story which takes the hook in a totally unexpected direction. Fun stuff!

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Niiiice! lol
Love the take on the prompt. This got a chuckle from me.
Clever writing, too - love the rhymes and rhythm to the lines.
Oy...I'm so out of touch and in my own little world - I don't even really know what Cardi B looks like...and I def haven't heard her music.

MarkG's picture

If you think a Bronx accent is sexy, you'll love Cardi B

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Great humorous take on the prompt. A bit of good advice there too. Nice work.

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Fun to listen to your song. Fascinating story and wonderful vocals. Short but effective.

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Lol I actually spat out my tea, dude! I was NOT expecting a Cardi B narrative. Well done take on the prompt, my man.

MarkG's picture

Chester was an unexpected fan I suppose.

standup's picture

Great take on the prompt, I love it. When people told me to reach for the stars, I said "OK!"

3tdoan's picture

hahahah witty take on the prompt. love it!

Chip Withrow's picture

Awesome! Giving a second listen. I like the folk/reggae guitar, and of course the lyrics. I hear the humor in your vocal, too.
I know nothing of Cardi B's music, but she sure is ubiquitous.

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Haha! Great job--caught me by surprise. Cardi is definitely "reachable", too, although I'm not wild about her speaking voice. I enjoyed this one a lot!