Laurie Anderson Taught Me How To Cut My Own Hair

Laurie Anderson Taught Me How To Cut My Own Hair

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Liner Notes: 

Hey, Fuzzy here;

@marvsmooth sent me this rockin' backing track a while ago for a Collab, so I took it back to Fuzzy Sound Labs to mess with it.

Through the use of multiple blood sacrifices and a bit of necromancy I even brought Alan Freed back from the dead to do the little introduction.

The lyrics (if you can call them that) are me riffing on a quotation attributed to Adrian Belew;
"Laurie Anderson taught me to cut my own hair; you just talk on the phone and don't pay too much attention."
(I'm not sure if he really said that, but it sounds good to me)

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Fuzzy Sound Labs needs a logo. Smile Is her hair cut or just sort of beaten into submission?

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sounds like the kind of stuff zappa sneak recorded when he wired the motel rooms of the mothers for inspiration for the 200 motels script. the alan freed intro is inspired.

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You have to add belew-style electric uke shrieking on top of that!

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I don't think I've ever seen Adrian Belew with hair, so that must be a very old quote.
This is mental and I grinned helplessly all the way through. The intro and the manic vocal were key. Great stuff.
I have cut my own hair for years because I have an innate mistrust of barbers. It goes back to being a hippie, even a hippie needs a trim once a year.
You'd walk into to a barbers, notice him giving you the evil eye because you ruined his business and then he'd vent his anger on you by shearing you like a sheep.
Then you'd have to hide indoors till your hair grew again.

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Absolutely bizarre ... a nice mix of your mental stuff combined with Marv's more normal music. Love the intro!

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I've seen American Hot Wax. I've seen Laurie Anderson speak and know the person who escorted her to the stage. I know someone who knows Adrian Belew and saw him from the upper deck cheap seats at a concert once. Now I've seen it all pulled together explaining the meaning of my life.

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I would love Laurie Anderson to be my hairdresser, the conversation would be great. There's like a, I think you call it 'hypnagogic pop' sorta thing going on here and I always really appreciate that.

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Just discovered Laurie Anderson when I was compared to her on “Staying Strong” so, of course, I had to take a listen. Not sure what to think about that but this was fun!

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Fuzzy Sound Lab is impressive....most impressive! This is Dr. Demento goodness, guys. I really like the creativity and production with this one. A-fab to the max! We want more! Do more!

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That bass line is legit. I dig it.
Who knew just repeating the same line a different way over and over again could be so much fun!
Good stuff!

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That title is so hooky and I'm almost flabbergasted that it works this well... but it does. That bass is smooth, yet driving which helps hit a cool backing track. Seriously cool creative take. I'm loving your Sound Lab creations.

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I don't cut my own hair, that would make it even more worse than it is today. But thanks for the advice anyway. Love the bass and the stereoness of the mix. It's kind of hypnotic.

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Happy to have listened with head phones on. This is refreshing! The loop of those words were making me laugh at some point the line: 'and it looks great' was said again. Good things happen in that lab of yours Fuzzy. It really feels like you're having a great summer, I'm sure you have.