Look At That Owl

Look At That Owl

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Liner Notes: 

Years ago, I was asked to write the theme song for a local festival honoring the burrowing owl. Now I'm hoping I still have a recording of it somewhere - it was really good!
At home, we made up our own song: "Burrowing owl, burrowing owl - doesn't take a shower so he doesn't need a towel." And so on. Our daughter would have been six or seven. Around that time, we discovered a burrowing owl home under a sidewalk (they like to, well, burrow) near where she took swimming lessons.
So, 10 years later, while wife and daughter went to lunch, I updated the song - now it can be about any owl you want, not just the burrowing kind. And I tried to do something like a round with my three vocal tracks.


Look at that owl, look at that owl
Even when he smiles, looks like a scowl

Look at that owl, look at that owl
Watches me garden, I’m using my trowel

Look at that owl, look at that owl
He likes to eat things that are foul

Look at that owl, look at that owl
When it rains, doesn’t need a towel

Look at that owl, look at that owl
Likes to hoot, doesn’t like to howl

Look at that owl, look at that owl
You know hoot is a word, with a double vowel

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Jaunty! Smile And darn clever, too.

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I used to live in the woods and one night I went outside to stand on my porch for a bit, as one does when one lives in the woods.
I suddenly noticed two huge glowing eyes staring at me from about ten feet above the ground.
I thought it was a monster.
Scared the crap out of me until I figured out that it was an owl.
That's my owl story.
I really liked this; so playful and fun!
The a cappella approach really works well.
Well done!

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I like the repeating ostinato hoots as the baseline and the higher voice too. You definitely managed to capture the feel of a round, but with non round techniques, which I find very interesting.