The secret life of SD cards

The secret life of SD cards

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Liner Notes: 

This ditty was intended as a sign of life - don't find too much time to record. I just recorded a little bit of guitar playing in DADADE tuning and transfered it into the laptop. However the file ended with a snippet of my friends and me rehearsing with the Jazz band and not with my last played chord! Might have been much more interesting if the SD card had shuffled the tunes parts. Maybe next time...
added a bit of reverb and went back to the BBQ. Summer sundays are nice

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Nice short piece of music. Somewhere between folk and classical acoustic guitar. I really like that in the place of the final chord there is this snippet of jazz music . Sounds very much like a warm and sunny summer afternoon. Smile

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This is great, and I think you’re onto something here - a possible cut and paste technique, creating a musical collage so to speak!

The acoustic piece is beautiful, and that little snippet of a jazz workout is superb!

I’d love to hear more like this. Good

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I'm not 100% sure why, but the jazz part is a nice coda. Nice little musical stroll.

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So nice.
Gentle and relaxing.
Yeah, that jazz at the end really adds to the song - yay for advantageous mistakes!!