I Ain't Got You Babe

I Ain't Got You Babe

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Liner Notes: 

Sonny and Cher were married in 1964, had a huge hit with "I Got You Babe" in 1965, and got divorced in 1975. Many other couples have gone down a similar path.

(If I may—my favorite rip off reference is “you’re here too long.”)


© Mark Greenberg August 3, 2019

Looking back to when we still cared
We were singing karaoke to Sonny and Cher
It was true, we didn’t have a lot
But as time went on, look at all the things we got

A bank account, a stack of bills
A Frigidaire that’s always filled
A house with a yard, two cars that run
But has time went on, we just stopped having fun
And I lost you, babe Now I ain’t got you, babe

Life was simple, it became a mess
Time together was too much stress
You never put your little hand in mine
I got angry just too much of the time

Sometimes things go bad, things go wrong
You get a feeling that you’re here too long
Once had a thing, we broke it in two
Then you lost me and baby I lost you
Babe, now I ain’t got you babe

We ditched the flowers, and the rings
Down the middle, split everything
Now you ain’t got me babe, and I ain’t got you.

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good job on reviving an oldie but goodie and turning it around. reminds me of an old movie in which the right wing presidents theme song was the times they are changin back.

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This song makes me think of seeing an overweight Spiderman... broke up with Mary Jane, pizza and beer gut, Spidey suit doesn't fit that good anymore. Why don't they show us THAT before we take the vows, you know, just as a precaution?

I don't quite know what the oboe or bassoon equivalent of that feeling would be, but that is all this song needs I think Biggrin