Cinnamon Buns!

Cinnamon Buns!

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I really just wanted to make a song today. I really did not want to put any thought into writing lyrics. I think I succeeded on both. Cinnamon Buns!


Get that checked before you get infected
IN my eyes real life's reflected
My application's been stamped rejected
Failed every time I've been inspected
Shifting gears, I'm turbo injected
We're all friends, You'll be accepted
Faces in the crowd all look dejected
The motion on the floor has been objected

Party! Party! Livin' It Up!
Party! Party! Fillin' it Up!
Party! Party! Isn't Enough!
Party! Party! Cinnamon Buns!

Oh No! Watch Out! I'm Okay
Stand on tippy toes ballet
This May I'm not gonna feel dismay
Bright Lights, Centerfold, On Display
Granny Party - We crochet
She's got really bad tooth decay
Was gonna save the worlds cause it's doomsday
But tomorrow is another school day

Get out of here Fred

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I love the demented overlapping conversation at the beginning, made me laugh out loud Biggrin I do like a rhyme-led write and this is so much fun.

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Thanks. It made me laugh too. Lol. It was a spontaneous and a lot of fun. I literally wrote the first line of the song, then for the rest of the first verse and the entire second verse I wrote the last word of each line first. It was fun trying to write a line that went with the last word. My favorite two lines were the one about the granny party and her tooth decay.

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goofy environment for a pretty good rap with a cello that adds some class to the party. it also just works really well with the groove.

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There's a bit of chap hop in this, isn't there? There's so much fun manic energy in this. I love the overlapping dialog in the beginning. And the lyrics are really tight. Seriously. I haven't done any rap yet this year and this makes me want to go back to it. Love the almost Cookie Monster ending!

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Ha. I never even though about the cookie monster, but you're right. It does come off like that. The original track ended in like 2 and half minutes so I added that drop d guitar riff to the end to make it a little longer.

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Fun party song - very tasty synth arpeggio. I like the warmup part at the beginning, "Charles Darling, my darling Darwin..." etc. Like an actor doing some vocal exercises. The ending was very unexpected Biggrin

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Ha, love it. It's full of tiny surprises, like the Granny party, and has a great groove. You got me swinging my head around, here.

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Ominous cello throughout really gives a very different vibe to yet another great song! There is a cynicism through it as well that I dig! Very good! The intro is also quite charming and funny. The ending get really heavy and dramatic and at the same time quite funny as the vocals try to mimic guttural but in a funny way !