Simple Pleasures of What's Mine (Basic Production Corpse 1)

Simple Pleasures of What's Mine (Basic Production Corpse 1)

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Liner Notes: 

So here it is. The Basic Production (aka lo-fi) Exquisite Corpse, volume 1.

This was an interesting one to stitch due to different mixing levels on the tracks (though most came in a little hotter than mine, so I mixed mine up louder, a little) and because of some interesting song transitions.

At any rate, a privilege to write with all of you fine writers. Thanks for trusting me to stitch!



the empty cup of tea
sits right next to me
what will be will be

the empty plate of food
gives me no attitude
no, it is never rude

simple pleasures
times of leisure
simple pleasures
are just what they seem to be



Valerie Cox:

There's nowhere to go
For a resolution
There's no were to go
Time for revolution
Just read the signs
Read the times
Take back what is mine
Now I'll go

With my hands
I'm gonna take 'em
With my mind
I'm gonna make 'em
It's my heart
Maybe I should break 'em
Give me a little time
Gonna take back what is mine


I’m gonna take back
My dignity
I’m gonna take back
My integrity
I’m gonna take back
What you took from me
I’m gonna take back
What is mine

I’m gonna take back
My sense of pride
I’m gonna take back
All the tears I cried
I’m gonna take back
What you took from me
I’m gonna take back
What is mine

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Some good stuff. I especially liked Nateger’s segment. Really cool. But everybody’s pieces sounded good. Wish i could’ve done a better transition from Valerie’s piece, but it is what it is.

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Metalfoot's opener - I love the vocal melody and the lyrics! The second track, I love the 60s vibe for the chorus. Thanks for an awesome spring board for my track. Valerie nailed the transition - powerful words too! Love how your vocals get gritty. And ballyhoot nailed it with the ending - fun and I love the raspy performance. This was so fun!

What an interesting blend of sounds and styles. We went from an empty cup of tea to taking back dignity. Smile That's why corpses are fun. Good job guys.

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Ill be honest this is about the only game I'm not into and don't do by choice. So saying this one, i really enjoyed! I also think you got the order spot on, like a top relay team, everyone was in the right spot! Alexs start was brilliant, as good as anything you have done mate! Nates dreamy way out priceless and Ballyhoot and Valery very well done on the hard yards in middle, putting sone meat on the bones. A fine collaboration all!

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I really like this. Even though it has so many different styles throughout, it is incredibly cohesive thanks to everybody’s 100% work throughout. I love taking part in exquisite corpses, and listening to them. This is a great example of when they turn out wonderfully!

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it made me smile to know how you are playing across distances to collaborate in music! sounds great

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triple feature. each one complete on its own. together a stunning triptych

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each sections leads into the other wonderfully, and the differences are tasty stuff.