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Liner Notes: 

For this song I wanted to use the OP-Z with a few new things. First, I'm accompanying the OP-Z with my guitar. Second, the OP-Z is also being used to sequence an external synthesizer for the bass part, using a RK-005 cable to send MIDi to a Meeblip Triode. I think the song stands out without the guitar, but it add an interesting texture that I haven't used before with the OP-Z.

The name of the song comes from the prohibition years. Last night I went to a speak easy in SF, and the chord progression was actually inspired by "Blue Skies", that Ella Fitzegerald sings.



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This is cool. I can hear that descending bass pattern from Blue Skies. It's a pattern I know and love. You use some. very interesting dark timbres that suggest illicit nocturnal activity, so yeah, this works with speakeasy so very well. I could see it being used in a dystopian film of some sort.