I Need You

I Need You

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Liner Notes: 

This one started out from the piano progression.
Everything else stemmed from that.
Bunch of arps, a guitar sample I liked, pads, drums, and of course some vocal samples.
Made this a few days ago but wasn't satisfied with the vocals. Did some tweaking today.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Nice! The arpeggios are super cool, and I love the note on the off-beat. The vocal samples work super well too, and the whole song has a very chill-but-dancy feeling. Love it!

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An infectious groove, very danceable. This could be expanded into a full track I reckon.

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Oh yeah I loved this

the way you expand this lyric through out
is exellent,
it had me all the way through
great music full on got me tappin
Loved this

Nice. Very nice, in fact. Slick production that really grooves; that kick has some serious ooomph behind it!

Downloaded this one Smile

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Cool sounding opening....beat now...with arp...nice and solid...something coming in on the side, adds a lot. Vocal now...The tune is building even further...I think it is tell him goodbye...I think people can dance to this...I don't dance so I'm not positive...lol. Fade out and done...sounded good.