Assyrian Surf

Assyrian Surf

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Liner Notes: 

Garageband drums and bass, played acoustic guitars.

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I love the use of eastern scale with filtered guitar and surfy drums. This was chill and cool and meditative with an edge to it.

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Very cool sound and vibe! I think it'd be great in a movie scene!

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Ooh, I bet this would be great music to drive to.
Like surf music if you were catching a wave in the Persian Gulf.
Really good production.
I could listen to this go on for another few minutes for sure.
Nice wok!

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Very creative fusion! Definitely think it's worth coming back to it and stretching it out.

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Love surf music--I'll be doing some myself later, I'm sure. I wouldn't have the guts to use Eastern tuning on something though--yet it is working great for you. VERY impressive!