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Liner Notes: 

This is a really rough cut. No editing aside from adjusting the levels a little so you can actually hear the words. Allergies and leftover migraine stuff have left me not wanting to do a lot on this today. That said, I really like this song and will be re recording it at some point with lots of harmony, and bells, of course.

Last week I was visiting my brother and we talked about how the places that we remember don't exist anymore, except for in our memories. Even if the physical place is still there, it's different. I passed the exit for one of those places on my way home, and I just can't bring myself to pull off and go back, even just to look at the lake. I remember the screen door that always creaked, and the uneven stones that led down to the lake. I remember that the kitchen was always busy, and the toilet never quite worked right, and the huge collection of fishing poles. Mostly I remember, and very much miss, the people.

Definitely continuing to work on this one.


There's a place by the lake
Where the mountain laurel grows
And our fellowship flows
Like a spring from the earth
And we know as we go
Down the long gravel way
As the cattails sway
What this memory is worth

Come dance with me to the carillon melody
Carillon memories carry us through
On a mountain breeze the bells are still ringing
The choir is singing. The joy that it's bringing
That carillon tune

At the place by the lake
Where the mountain laurel grows
Where the sun always shows
In the warm summer air
Hear the bells cast a spell
Through the laurel and pine
And we all sing in time
To that carillon air

At the place by the lake
Where the mountain laurel grows
The fireplace glows
As the twilight descends
We'll stay and we'll play
One last refrain
Again and again
May the song never end

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The chorus has a pleasant feel to it. Nice write and definitely worth continuing on with. You're right about nostalgia and how you can't really go back to the places of your memories. I have my own nostalgic places which no longer exist, and your song also reminded me of them.

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This song sure affected and enchanted me right away! Your voice is so lilting and charming, and the uke is a fine waltzing instrument. Some nicely picked soloing in there, too.
I was just visiting my family in Ohio last week - lots of nostalgia there.
By the way, in your comment on my mantra song, you noticed the beeping and you asked if it was a microwave - it was the oven! I was cooking and recording. Kitchen table is a favorite recording spot.

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Those stops in the chorus were a surprise but reading your liner notes make me think that's where bells would fit. The soar of the melody carries the joy of these memories which you describe so clearly.

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First, your liner notes are exciting me already and I haven't even read the lyrics yet...very nice.

Looking at the lyrics...nice opening verse with great visuals. Chorus, I had to look up carillon (a set of bells) makes sense with your liner notes about producing this song further. I like the dance and visuals of bells ringing, choir singing...very nice. The last two sections expand on the general idea and quite clear it is about a lake somewhere. Very nice write. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Uke intro...sounds good...singing now...sounds good...good melody...come dance with me...very nice. Nice pauses after bells rining and choir singing...a place by the lake...warm summer air. Come dance with me....very catchy. Nice outro...pretty good playing. Oh, that's not the end...singing last refrain...may the song never end...come dance with me....on a mountain those pauses....come dance with me...uke outro. What a great song! Your performance was excellent too and I can imagine how good this will sound when you produce the song. Good one! I think the best song I've heard today and I've heard a lot, and they were good tool

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The melodies are lovely - especially the chorus. Can easily imagine this song filled out with a celtic band and bells, of course.