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Heard through the grapevine
That you don’t let your friends step on bugs
Heard through the pipeline
There’s no-one better to go to for love

Don’t know if I believe that
Don’t think I’m gonna
Heard it through the grapevine ‘cos
I don’t do face to face

Felt something wrong here
Internal or external is unknown
Saw in the sidelines
Multiples when you should’ve been alone

Don’t know how I know it
Don’t think it matters
Felt something wrong here
And I can’t be stopped by something face to face

Even though I don’t do face to face

Hope you don’t predict it isn’t cool
When I inevitably rush in like a fool

Heard through the grapevine
You’re the nicest person in the whole world
Might even ask you
About every single thing I wasn’t told

Don’t know if you’ll like me
‘Cos I like my space
So here goes nothin’, mate
I’m standing with you face to face

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i really love this melody and the way your voice handes it tender but with an inner intensity. the face to face refrain is intelligently developed and stands as an effective opposite to the grapevine rumors,

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Oh yeah really nice

what a gem of a lyric
I enjoyed reading this before my listen
well structured and some great lines
you tell this story so well
my only nit if any would be the vocal was a little
held back and I think you should go for it
you have everything here
a wonderful song please don't be quiet about it
shout it from the rooftops
loved it