Back Outta Whack Blues

Back Outta Whack Blues

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Liner Notes: 

I needed to get this out today. I have been in so much pain lately, and at first a spine injection helped. They did a second one that didn't work at all.
Anyhow, a little painful blues.


Back Outta Whack Blues
© 2019 Cindy Prince

I'm tired of back pain
So I am bitchin' today
I'm tired of doctors
That want so much pay

I'm tired of ice packs
So I gotta complain
I'm oh so tired of hurting
So sick of this pain

I got bad discs
Not much cushion
I got pinched nerves
With not many solutions
Don't want no surgery
Any advice I could use?
My back's givin' me trouble
And I got the back outta whack blues

I'm tired of opinions
So I'm gonna moan
It hurts to stand or sit
It hurts down to the bone

I'm tired of cryin'
So I'm gonna bellyache
Why can't it let up
For all that's good sake?

Repeat chorus

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Oh, poor you. Painful lyrics expressed beautifully and truthfully. I have to say I know what you wrote about.

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First, sorry to hear about your back problem...that sucks. We have a lot of aches and pains going on here too and other friends. I thought I was in bad shape but that's nothing compared to what others I know are currently going through.

Looking at the lyrics...yeah the first two sections set the tone nicely...totally blues. The chorus is really detailed and the last line, the hook, back outta whack blues...perfect. The last two sections clearly say you've had enough and you are going to say it. Very good Cindy!

Oh goodness. I know this pain exactly. My back is out of whack too. Bone on bone in the spine. Fun. But it did turn into a good set of blues lyrics. Back outta whack is good, catchy hook.