Blame It on My Guitar

Blame It on My Guitar

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Liner Notes: 

I found a long lost folder underneath my current music mess entitled "song babies." 90% was trash, but now I have a bunch of possible songs to work on. I rewrote most of this one, changing the entire story. But now I'm having buyers regret, so I might go back to the original story line and make a second song with the same title! Stay tuned.


Blame It on My Guitar
Susan Cantey © 2019

If I’d stayed in school
I could have been a doctor
Loved biology
Not sure what I stopped for
But when the music called
I forgot about it all

Blame it on my guitar
And its sweet melodies
Blame it on my guitar
And its electric dreams
Although I’ve been told
That I’ll never be a star
I can’t get of this road
I blame it all on my guitar

It broke my heart
George didn’t want a wife
Who played in the bars
Who lead that kind of life
But when the music called
I didn’t miss George at all


Guitar solo


I blame it all on my guitar.

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I really like what you've done here! And sure make two songs!

phoenixash's picture

Praise your guitar because thanks to it we have much beautiful music coming from you. Fuck George, if he couldn't love you like you are you REALLY shouldn't miss him. You are a star, never doubt that!

Susan Cantey's picture

ha ha! Definitely NOT a true George exist and I've never gone on the road. However, I did date a guy named Jerry once who broke up with me because he was afraid my musical career would be incompatible with what he wanted in a wife. LOL

phoenixash's picture

Jerry's loss is the world's gain. Sad that you never got to go on tour... yet.

sbs2018's picture

Love the story! Beautiful vocals and guitar, of course!

billwhite51's picture

the chorus has a strong tex mex melody and rhythem. the title is perfect for the story and the music. your singing brings it all to life.

barbara's picture

I listened to the second version first, on purpose, to give it a fair shake before hearing this one, given Bill’s preference stated there.
Oh my goodness! This is like hearing a cut off of the album _Trio_ by Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, and Emmylou Harris. Somehow your vocals tripled approaches their sound. And the story is light, winsome, and yet empowered. Lovely instrumentation too. A winner!