Staying In

Staying In



Liner Notes: 

I've spent the last couple of days writing five (!) sets of lyrics, and now I've started work on setting them to music. This first one came about when I decided to just sit down and write about what I was doing. Yes, I'm leading *such* a rock and roll life these days...


I'm waiting for the Amazon man
To turn up in his Amazon van
With something Amazon for me
A Blu-Ray and a DVD
The latest from the Aristocrats
(I've been waiting quite a while for that)
with Rutger Hauer's swordsman flick
"Blind Fury" - I get such a kick
to see the Dutchman wield a blade
(it's not the daftest film he made;
"Wedlock" has to fill that spot,
a film that I've already got).
King Crimson's Tour Box on its way
as well - it should arrive today.
I buy each one that they release.
Long may their catalogue increase!
In my experience, I've found
of all musicians still around
non finer than the Crimson King!
Did I just hear the doorbell ring?

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phoenixash's picture

Now I get whose voice yours remind me of. Rammstein's vocalist, it has the same strong dark whispery yet powerful tone which makes this already dangerous sounding production even more scary. And don't get me wrong I love this dark atmosphere, this tense energy as if something is about to explode. The fact that the lyrics are SO opposite to the atmosphere for me adds way more, because it gives the song a third dimension, the tension is palpable throughout and waiting for a delivery is one of the most terrible tensions of the modern world. This dark almost gothic industrial song with all it's multi layered vibes is where it's at. Awesome job.

Susan Cantey's picture

How cool...Amazon Man...wish I'd thought of this. Reminds me of Sting. So haunting...I'm scared that you might hurt the Amazon Man...oh pleeeez don't kill the Amazon Man. LOL

billwhite51's picture

your music is a perfect capture of anticipation,,,and what anticipation is more intense than that experienced while waiting for entertainment product in the post? even if, and maybe more so, when the package you await contains material you have already consumed in another format?