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I was one of twenty three who ran the circuit
Dipping down to Brighton in the summer heat
Sharing laps in the backseat of the minivan
Was no mean feat

Most of us had lost a parent somehow
The luckier ones had managed to escape from both
And that’s the happiness I’d been looking out for
Twenty three of us curled around a paraffin stove

Made sense that the only thing that took us down
Was when a plague for ages came crashing in
Nineteen funerals, three disappearances
They said it’s what we earnt for living in sin

I never got how dying in virtue fixed it
I never got used to gutting out a dear friend’s home
Packed my records and got behind the wheel that spring
Just me now, curled around a paraffin stove

She says, ‘hey, do you wanna practice at my place?’
Try my hardest to hear something less
But there’s a whole ocean of history between me and that minivan
So I say yes

She asks me how I’ve come to be in this country
I’ve always been a rover, and it’s never been easier to rove
Ignore the draw of her hair curling in the cold
She heats cocoa up over a paraffin stove

And when she calls me by my real name, I’m breathless
I was born as soon as I crossed that sea
She takes my love and keeps on giving it back again
And I’m finally me

Someday I’ll tell her about Pez and Laney and Helen
And Ricky, and Leonard, and Henry Li and Mam
Someday I’ll show her all the pictures that we took
In the backseat of the minivan

I’ve been trying to force that chapter shut for too long now
She simply stood by the door and let it close
This town just happened to be the one on my radar
Life simmering over a paraffin stove

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This is sorrow's exquisite last drop. A drop that could overflow an ocean, that could last and drip forever on. Oh how it touches, maims and at the same time caresses. You voice is velvety balm, your playing not the guitar but your heart and by resonance you play ours. This pain is so delightful I kinda wish you never heal so we can keep feeling it.