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Liner Notes: 

forgot when 5090 started!!! oops... very busy & tired lately so we'll see how much i write this time around....!!!!

quick sketchy half-written doodle... just having fun~♫

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Better late than never, right? Nice start to your 50/90! Sounds great!

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Fun instrumental to listen to. Enjoyed the vibes. Looking forward to hearing more songs.

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Seahorses are one of my favorite marine animals, I remember being a kid and making a school work about them and being awed at the fact that they are the ones who in fact get pregnant. In African mythology the male Orisha of love and beauty is actually represented by them, because they shared his grace and 'transgenderism' this is a very delicate and fun approach to them and I could see them swimming peacefully and gracefully as it went on.

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ahh, it's SO nice to hear you play guitar. i could listen to an album of you playing (wink and also wink)

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fantastic sounding guitar. Very enjoyable to listen. Quite joyful melody.
The least structured song from you I've ever heard! (I think)

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Again, great, welcome to my watchlist and stuff.