He Definitely Needs A Nap!

He Definitely Needs A Nap!

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Liner Notes: 

Jerry here: Jimmy sent me these lyrics last night and I thought I could do something with it so I agreed to demo the song. I don't know if I like this song or not but I'm making a full album with Jimmy this year. I'm going to try to write a few songs of my own now and hopefully tomorrow I will do even better. I think the vocals are out of tune on this but I'm not sure because production fatigue.

Production notes: This was a hard one because of tempo and key changes. What I do is play guitar in Ableton and import into Band in a Box and use the Audio Chord Wizard. For some reason biab always thinks my D chords are Asus and when I was changing keys it got a little bit confusing for me. Also, I had to play my fender solo so many times I think I knocked it out of tune with the whammy bar. I guess it doesn't really matter. Total production time was about 5 hours. I might be done for today but I never know if I'll get a second wind. Thanks for listening.


He Definitely Needs A Nap

He jerked open the door, he had to go to the store
He had to pick up all the bags
Then all the food went bad
He Definitely Needs A Nap

He Definitely Needs A Nap
It's good to be home, he wants to lay on his back
He Definitely Needs A Nap
He had his lunch and he ate it very fast

But he didn't sleep too much, this afternoon
He heard his snoring in the bedroom
Then after a few hours of sleep he was walking
He could not stop yawning


His ten minute nap wasn't good
So he turned away mad
He Definitely Needs A Nap
He Turned away mad
He Definitely Needs A Nap

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an excellent job on your new demo I like it. Your guitar solo and vocals sound awesome.

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Wow, this is one rocking song. The guitar sound and the playing is fabulous. And all the other musical ideas you have here, the delays, the modulations... I'm just in awe, where on earth do you get those? Very imaginative and innovative music, Jerry.

Jimmy, I like how your lyrics are "funny" and "serious" at the same time. And the way you turn everyday life events into lyrics and give them a new perspective is very rare. There is some kind of poetic freshness in the way you write. I can't quite explain it but I sure like it!

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Jerry you are kicking out the jams like i cant believe... each song is so diferent form the others, but if you put them all together on an album, it would flow like honey. that guitar of your rages like nothing else today, this song is funny but it also tells a sober truth. nost of the MFs walking around supposedly doing busiiness should be home in bed,

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SOMEONE LET THIS GUY HAVE A NAAAAAAAAP - this conveys the desperation for sleep in a very fun, funny and rock and rolly way!