I miss you forever

I miss you forever

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Liner Notes: 

Sad lyrics I don't have music for. Please let me know if you are happy to collaborate with me. Thank you for reading and commenting.


I miss you forever
Lyrics © 2019 Nadia Cripps

What does it feel like?
To say awful is to say nothing
No word is remotely similar or alike
No use trying to settle on just something

What do I feel now, this minute, today?
What will I feel tomorrow, later, next week?
When you left you took a huge part of me away
Since then I don't function well, I'm sick

You are forever out of sight
But you are never out of my mind
I badly wish I could find
The magical way back and make it right

Who can I ask for another chance?
I guess no one
Can't describe how it is being in trance
Irreparable damage is done

I miss you forever
I'll see you in my dreams
But in real life never

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Hmmm, forever equals never. Reads like an oxymoron, two together that can never fit.

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Oh, so sad, Nadia! "I'll see you in my dreams"...The questions in the lines add to the emotion...you've captured the heartbreak. I hope to hear it with its music!

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This is a very cool play on the old adage, Out of sight out of mind:
"You are forever out of sight
But you are never out of my mind"
The only way to use a cliché in lyrics is to twist it ! And you did it in great style Smile