The Alphabets of Love

The Alphabets of Love

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Liner Notes: 

Hi everybody! This weekend I have some people to meet and places to go so I made lyrics for collaboration. I got the idea from @kahlo2013 lyrics called "1234 Coming to Your Door" and Jackson Five song "ABC".

You can change them anyway you like to fit your melody. And I mean ANYWAY. That's why there's no repeats of the chorus in the lyrics sheet. You can figure out yourself if it's a chorus-verse structure or you can also do it as an AABA song, the verses being A sections and the chorus as a B-section.

No permission needed or rough demos. Just post it as a new song and add me as a collaborator. Multiple versions are OK.

As you can see, it's a bit silly and lighthearted lyrics with a certain "Klaus" vibe. It should have a pretty good rhythm and the verses should match. The extra syllables are in parenthesis.

Lines in the chorus matches stresses in ABAC ABAC pattern. Verse lines are all DDDE.

If this gets a collab I won't demo it. If not then I may demo it in late September.


The Alphabets of Love

( Chorus or a B section:)

You're the one for me
Oh, how happy we'll be

Kiss me, baby, then
( We'll ) get a matching tattoos

( Verses or A sections: )

You got a blue-eyed cat
she's quite a democrat
I got a sweet old dog
he's a bit of a demagogue

You got a house and (a) car
I work the soda bar
you want some kids, more kids
that's a future I really digs [ or just "dig" ]

when it's a late dark night
I hold you oh, so tight
I whisper alphabets [ or " I say the alphabets" ]
maybe then you can guess the rest

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Twelve of twenty eight letters ain't bad. Leaves more for the rest of us to muse over.

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A challenging lyric. the real challenge. however, is to write a song that is half as good as the song you would write from it. I look forward eagerly to the results. By the way, do you know the city of Pori and if so, the theatre company called Rakastajat-teatteri?

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Fun lyrics Klaus. Hope in any rate to hear your demo as I can hear your vibes and your voice in them.

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Oh wow, I didn't expect this liner notes or I would have come in here last week. Let's look at the the chorus...really catchy. Good rhymes in verse 1. Verse 2 has more good rhymes and sort of a twist. lol...the last line of verse 3 is classic. Nobody has stepped up to do a demo...hmmm...what's up with that? I might have to change that Klaus. Smile Great job on this.