Make it Anywhere

Make it Anywhere

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Liner Notes: 

I had a recording session with some good friends of mine over in SF the other day. The raw recordings were quite messy and inspirational - and for a totally different key and chord progression. Did some work with a pitch shifter and harmonizer to accomplish the coolest bits here, as well as some re-recording at home with a cleaner mic.


If you can make it on PornHub
you can Make it Anywhere

Never been
ever been
ever been cool

Never been
a president
but I never been cool

It's time tonight
for the shadows to shine through
I'm off tonight
just a little time to figure out what's new

I'm high tonight
and I want to dance over the moon
I'm wise tonight
Coming down like this monsoon

Never been
ever been
ever been cool

Never been
a president
but I never been cool

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garage techno...i like it more than the clean steel kind. especially when the lyrics are cool and dstorted in different ways for different verses.

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This has such a cool heavy gritty grunge vibe that perfectly suits the lyrics. Your great vocals on this send it home.

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Love the groove! Different pieces bring to mine so many other songs from different genres - just can’t put my finger on any of them. Makes for an original piece.

fresh spotless youth's picture

Great opening lines. The groove really becomes hypnotic once you get to the falsetto 'never been' part. I could lose myself in that for a while.

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Great intro followed by a very nice dance groove. Cool use of vocal processing.

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It ends too soon and it is its only flaw, the backing is great the voices you used are great the lyrics is cryptic and surreal and I love it. But I was thrilling to it and then it just ended... definitely one to expand upon

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Dude...just the sounds you use, the way you put it all together...the way you THINK when it comes to the delivery of what's we'll hear...
That effect on the even think of doing it that way.
Then the oooh ahhs rhythm...the drum pattern...the vocals of the chorus...c'mon man! Its too much lol Can't stand it, its just way too good!
Seriously though, this NEEDS to be at least 4 minutes - completely selfish of me because I want more for myself and my ears.
The vibe is...everything. The perfect amount of retro atmosphere with effects used and the vocal arrangement/style of the chorus, mixed with the psychadelic feels.
Excellent stuff!