Noise Track #1

Noise Track #1

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noise track 1

Liner Notes: 

If anything at all influenced me to do this, it was the work of Merzbow.
All of the sounds were generated in Audacity. The "screams" come from the video "Bashur's Goodbye Video He Deleted"; I selected a portion of him screaming and slowed it down in the Paulstretch plugin.

Update 28/8/2019: The track was originally 1 minute, but I shortened it to 15 seconds.

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The beginning reminds me of standing close to a large outdoor fountain and then it becomes a fountain near the airport. Cool ending!

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Gosh I sure do love Paulstretch.
Lovely bit of noise you got here.
I can see it being used in a horror or dark SF film for sure.
Nice work!

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This felt to me like a horror soundtrack, the mysterious eerie kind. Very interesting

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Delicious way this plays just at the edge of what the ear can catch-- like there's another sound hiding inside it, trying to come out.