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Liner Notes: 

I had a really long day, but I still wanted to write something today. So I recorded some guitar, played a little bit with my MIDI piano, and this song came out. It's a pretty straightforward song, simple constant chord progression, but I like it. I like the hopeful atmosphere it has.



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i like he crisp, bright guitar sound. the arpeggios are in the minimalist philop glass mode, and the occasional counterpoint in the piano gives it some dimensionality. i can hear the hopefullness in the feelings it evokes.

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This changed from what I thought it’d be. Those first few measures had a dissonance that I thought would lead to an abstract piece. But then you put the guitar on top and changed my entire mood. It indeed does uplift.
The piano addition was a great decision, it really gives off good vibes and fits well with the other instruments.
Great tune

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I found it to be a great piece to relax and reflect to, although I would never have guessed that from the intro. I just leaned back and exhaled as the song played on.