No Money In Bobby's Pockets!

No Money In Bobby's Pockets!

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Liner Notes: 

Jerry here: Jimmy sent me the lyrics a few days ago and I suggested a revise and that lead to another revise and I think I should just left the lyrics alone. Thanks to Jimmy for the song and thanks for listening.

Production notes: I messed up the second bridge and the final two chorus. The truck driver shift was a good idea but I needed an alternative bridge to transition smoothly. Also, the last two chorus I should have let play all the way out but i messed up and forgot the second part of each chorus. Total production time was about 3 and a half hours.


No Money In Bobby's Pocket

He went back home to the trailer
Now in those times there
He doesn't have two pennies to rub together
He nearly fell off his chair

No money in Bobby's pocket
He paid a hospital bill and they tossed back the wallet
No money in Bobby's pocket
He doesn't have it in his jacket

He has nothing left in the refrigerator
So he hit it very hard and looked down at the fire
He waltzed off, no cigarette lighter
But he can use the kitchen stove igniter


He has a fracture in his hand this week
He wants to get something to eat
But he can't go out there and make it
No money in Bobby's pocket
He can't go out there and make it
No money in Bobby's pocket

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Great opening beat. had a bit of an upbeat ol Van Morrison start. Oh acoustic riff this time. Healthcare for all Smile

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an excellent on your new demo I like it. The bridge, chorus and your guitar sound awesome.

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This is such a perky song. It hooked me right away. Great storytelling. Cigarette lighter/igniter bit is a great couplet. I was hoping you'd repeat the great chorus a few times--and you did!

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a humorous but hard hitting song about middle american poverty, where so many are one hospital bill away from homelessness.

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Yeah, you really do a good job with arrangement and mixing--I may have mentioned that before. These songs always have a good "polish" to them. Nice arrangment of good country lyrics. Great job, you guys!

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Great new take on a country song. I'm having a grin with this one. Smile

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There's details in the lyric that relate to everyone and they draw attention to the person's unique story. The music is catchy and tells the story with a good melody and rhythm. Good country vibe.