Deep Fried Tadpole Blues [FTTBB]

Deep Fried Tadpole Blues [FTTBB]

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Amanda says: The title came to me driving on the way back from Ennis and an opticians visit, listening to James Taylor on the car cd player. Random but true !
Lyrics written up in bed on tablet with a stick in the early hours of the morning cus I cant sleep cus I've run outta tryptophan grrr

Well at least I've got another set of lyrics ... Albeit a useless one lol

Not sure @Tim Fatchen will like me much after this...

UPDATE: @Tim Fatchen and the Flying Tadpoles are going to record a cover of this !!! Woohoo fame at last Smile
UPTIGHT: Tim sez: fame? or frame? and which one of us will be put in it by the schizoid Blues Band, we wonders, Precious, yessss, we wonders.... (sharpens his tambourine, for self-defence only, OF course...)

FINAL DEATHKNOCK UPDATE: Flying Tadpole's Travelling Blues Band emerges from their swamp to perform. Incidentally this is the first outing of Tim Fatchen's lovely 1970s vintage Cimar jazz bass.


Oh I need me something tasty
Something just to hit the spot
I need to fill ma belly
With a bowl of something hot

Pre ch
Oh man, ive got the deep fried blues

No mung bean soup for me, hell no
No hazelnut puree
No highfalutin dishes
That contain no calories
I need me some real food, hell yeah
Something crunchy an delish
I need a plate of momma's own
Twice deep fried tadpole crisps
I've got the deep fried tadpole blues
Deep fried tadpole blues

But I'm a hundred miles from nowhere
An me momma she is dead
So I had the the tadpole munchies
An don't look like ill be fed

Pre ch


Now I'm trying hard to get
Where ma momma she dun rest
But its tougher than I thought
To get to heaven in this mess

Pre ch


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This is a very cool lyric. Theres a lot in there and a lot you can read into it! Not yet convinced to cook that yet though Smile

cindyrella's picture

What a title! Perfect blues with um interesting flavor!

kahlo2013's picture

Cool lyric and totally fun song as it starts with a more serious twist and it seems deeper underpinnings than a simple good song! Well done! Are deep fried tadpoles really a thing?

Amanda West's picture

Oh yes, all the rage here at the moment. The latest thing.

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A fun, unusual lyric! Do they, um, taste like chicken?

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Yeah well, now the schizoid Flying Tadpole's Travelling Blues Band will HAVE to do a cover on this, right? AND you really should have served this dish up in February, then it could've made it onto the CD!

Dragondreams's picture

Listening to this tour de force now! And you two are an awesome combination. This is an absolute joy! Biggrin

Chip Withrow's picture

Wonderful, twisted collab! Tasty (pun definitely intended) wordplay, and rollicking music-hall blues treatment. Great instrumenting!