Sled Accident

Sled Accident

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Liner Notes: 

Laree Cisco: Here's me trying once again to put down the angry guitars. I wanted it to sound dreamy, like after the fall, you were coming out of a daze. I really dig the sound of a fuzzed Electric piano. Mapped out a looped drum track and laid down some bass. Came out cool. Dude, everyone seemed to be kind of chuckling the lyrics, to me it was slightly horrific. I mean, I kinda cracked on it with the graphic I made, but still....HORRIFIC!!


Sled Accident
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Was years ago
When I was a young mother
The sled went one way
And I went another

I went way up
Then back down hard
Broke my tailbone
In the neighbor's yard

The pain was terrible
In fact quite horrible
I couldn't move at all
My tears froze
As did the snot in my nose
I couldn't even crawl

It was cracked bad
Took forever to heal
I haven't been sledding
Not sure I ever will

Repeat chorus

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Oh wow, this is extraordinary! It is so cool-love that fuzzy piano and the beat-gosh-it is great! Thanks!

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I didn't see this lyric before now and OUCH. That hurts.
Great mellow, chill feel to the track.

billwhite51's picture

the melody has a mccartney feel. not what i expected after reading the lyris but it is a good fit. you captured the dazed dreamy side of the post accident haze

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This is a fun collaboration. I like the cognitive dissonance of the dreamy music and the very concrete and painful description in the lyrics.

the pannacotta army's picture

The cool laidback feel of the music and vocals (which are great, nice breathy tone) are a real contrast to the lyrics. This is overall a real neat track and an interesting direction to take the words.

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Yup it is a contrast but the music carries it! Does have that dreamy electric piano. Good take on a descriptive lyric.

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Fuzzy electric piano is always great, and I must say that I'm also a fan of that sleepy yet abrasive guitar tone and the thick bass. The high keys and harmonies mixed in moves the dreamy feel along really well. The lyrics also fit the vibe really well and it's certainly a unique idea for a song. I really like this, you guys made a great song!

P.S: The cover art gave me a smile. Good on you for the "Wasted" text.

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Digging the drum pattern right off bat…
Wow…the vocals and the fx you put on them…even after reading the tags and liners I didn’t expect…this.
Musicianship is all on point – love the keys and the little motifs here and there sprinkled throughout the verses; great progressions.
Cindy’s lyrics paint a specific picture, but when taken and put into this musical form…that such a tale has been put into such a smooth and soulful frame…its comical and highly enjoyable! Its like…”man this sounds friggin awesome…uh, did he just sing about what I THINK he just sang about???”
Another great team-up for Cindy!
Yeah…the lyrics and that picture…hahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!

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Similar thing happened to my sister when she was a young mother, only it was t the disco. This is very dream-like and fluttery, a cool counterpoint to the painful details within.