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R.I.P Kellie (50/90 -2019)-one take demo

Liner Notes: 

Last week one of my dogs unfortunately passed. But this is in Kellies honor.
Havent put any effort in the video. Its a simple one take. Its enough trying not to weep.



(C) Acousticmaddie 2019

1, I still feel you But I know you're not here
Your body is warm by past life
I call out your name, 'hey are you here?'
But silence cuts me like a knife

The sound of a hearbeat that ones were you
The tears of the heartbreak when theres nothing to do
I call out your name, black tears on my floor
And Silenced I stand here by deaths old door

2, For you my love even heave weap
I hold you I cry please come back
And I know you would if you could but there
We stand on each side of the black

The sound of a hearbeat that ones were you
The tears of the heartbreak when theres nothing to do
I call out your name, black tears on my floor
And Silenced I stand by deaths old door

3, A piece of my heart is forever yours
I whisper when you fall a sleep
Those telling us it was “just a dog”
Have never felt heaven weep

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Hugs to you! I’m still writing songs/poems for my 18-year-old kitty who died last July. You’ve really captured the feeling with a haunting melody and some attitude in that guitar, Awesome! Especially the part about those saying it’s only a dog “have never felt Heaven weep.” Beautiful tribute!

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so sorry you have lost your kellie. i can feel the love and the pain and the heartbreak in every syllable you sing. it is a beautiful song but i wish there had been no need for you to write it, a dog is worth more than a thousand songs,

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What a crushingly beautiful melody. Really love the progression of the guitar. Losing an animal is tough. Hopefully this song can be somewhat cathartic.

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Sorry for your loss, Maddie. You've made a really nice tribute to Kellie here!

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I lost my cat Stradivarius of 18 years this past spring. He's the mascot of my performance persona and home recording studio now. I know how hard it can be, and I'm really sorry. She was a cutie, and your song is really beautiful. It's clear in your tribute how loved she was.

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The lyrics tug at my heart - it is such a honest and heartfelt tribute to the love and loss of a wonderful family member. I could not get the video to play right now but that might be just as well as just ready the lyrics have me all choked up. I will try again later but wanted to let you know how the lyrics so beautifully express the sentiment that anyone who has lost a pet can relate to. Virtual hugs.

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Condolences, Maddie. Reminds me of after my ex and I split eons ago, and I was with my 7-year-old (at the time) at baseball practice. This was all in the middle of the marital strife and the kids adjusting and then...the family dog had to be put down. I found out on the way home from practice--the ex called--and my boy wanted to go to the vet's to see the dog, even though dead. We went and got a funny look from the receptionist, but the veterinarian was cool. I'm getting misty with the memory now, and I can see how you are affected similarly. Great song, Maddie. Thanks for making me cry... Sad

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First of all, my condolences for your loss, she's definitely in Heaven running around. Second I loved this piece, the guitar playing has a spanish-like quality, that adds to the sadness, depth and melancholy of the song. I also loved how your voice sounds, both clean, and raspy. VERY beautiful. Lovely piece and a lovely tribute. Hope you are well.

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First, I lost a dog a couple of months was heartbreaking. He went deaf and blind at the same time and couldn't handle it...very sad.

Looking at the lyrics...section one shows the heartbreak. Yeah, the chorus really brings it into focus. I notice it doesn't say dog so can be used universally. v2 is really sad and brings even more emotion into the song. v3 does, in fact, announce it was a dog. Very nice heartbreaker song. I wasn't that long ago. My sister just said he's in a better place now. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. intro...about my dog Kellie...nice guitar intro...vocals now...sounds great...can clearly understand the lyrics....nice guitar playing....the tears of a heartbreak...I called out your name...I cried please come back...I know you would if you could...changeup on guitar now...the tears of my heartbreak...silence...very emotional was just a dog...weep...ok, it's over. A fantastic performance and song Maddie...I like it a lot.

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This is a beautiful tribute and my sympathies to you for your loss. A heartfelt delivery with many lines that are very striking. And that guitar really hits the emotion. All done with great care. Sweet video too.

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There's really nothing to say that hasn't been said. I'm really sorry about your loss. This is a powerful, emotional piece. I really like the way you sing and play the guitar. When you hit the word "Silenced!"--that's a really powerful moment.

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Tremendously sad ... nice vocals filled with emotion. Music is Bill White-ish! Sorry for your loss.