Through The Window

Through The Window

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Liner Notes: 

Based on an incident that happened last week. Wish I could have spent more time on this, but I have too many ideas coming right now, gotta get on to the next one.


I didn’t know her
But i heard her life was sad
I could say the same for a few friends of mine
but that don’t make a difference tonight

I didn’t have to watch
through the window
as they draw the lines on the floor


Verse 2
and i hang my head,
so many memories coming forth
names i don’t need to say
cause they ring inside my head everyday


Verse 3
i didn’t know her
but that don’t mean i’m more equipped to handle death
I’ve been looking over my shoulder
i’ve been doing my best to keep my demons next to me

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That chorus is especially strong-- and really sad lyrics for sure... quality song-- the manic piano solo really captures the feeling of being in that mental anguish space.

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So haunting with a really cool piano vibe!

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i like the way you keep your cool for the most part, but periodically start to lose it, emotion overwhelming the song itself. the piano seems to have a life of its own throughout.

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Looking at the lyrics...I actually had to read the whole lyrics to finally get the message. A strong message indeed. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. guitar and piano...vocals now...sounds sad...nice pauses on the guitar and keys...good vocals...not sure what key that is but I certainly can't play that A bit of jamming now...nice slowdown...I didn't know her...sounds jazzy...I have no idea what final chord that was but it was nice. Great job on this.