One Minute Track #10

One Minute Track #10

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One minute Track #10

Liner Notes: 

I made this during free time in my songwriting class at my TAFE course.
The music was made on virtual instruments on GarageBand, using one of the M-Audio MIDI keyboards that the institution had. The drums were programmed via GarageBand's "Drummer" feature.

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That is funky. I'm not even sure what that one lead synth is, but it is full of good stank!

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The "lead synth" is actually the "Funky Wah" virtual instrument on GarageBand, filed under the "electric guitars" category in the software instrument library.

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sounds like the kind of thing herbie hancock would do if scoring for a 70s cop movie,

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Love it! Good job taking advantage of where you are and what you’ve got.

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Agreed, funky! That is a very cool lead sound. Love a good envelope follower. Smile