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Liner Notes: 

Day 4 song for the July Fearless Songwriting Challenge - "Vague Circles". I did some freewriting based on the prompt and "circling the drain" came up. So I ended up writing about... poop. How it's a part of us that we let go of and even feel disgusting about. I mean for good reason - it's unsanitary. I guess this is as close as I can get to a short philosophical song about poop. I was singing some Jack Johnson songs with friends yesterday so there's a bit of his vibe in there.

A part of me feels embarrassed sharing this song because of the content of the tune. This is what wanted to come out in song and I wanted to honor the song by following it to the end and finishing/recording it. I guess this rubs up against my ego's idea of what "good song" is and what constitutes as a "good" topic. I find that as I allow myself to be silly that it allows room for creativity to thrive.


You are made of me
And what I eat
Fill me up
And seek release

I feel the call
Of the bathroom stall
I let it slide
I feel you fall

Hear the plop
As you drop
I’m lighter now
The pushing stops

Wipe away what remains
Give it to the water

Circling the drain
Round and round
Speeding down
Out of sight
The sewer pipes
Take me away from myself

Wash my hands
My dirty self
For public health
Out of sight
The sewer pipes
Take me away from myself

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Gotta write where the muse goes and you could sing the phone book! dont be shy on poop OdilonGreen and Yam655 have been putting out plenty of songs on this already this year!!!

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im writing a poop song as well. this could be the year of the poop. one might say you have lowered yourself in writing a song like this, but i say you have raised elvated the lowly turd to the status of a muse. lovely melody and vocal for this reviled reject of the digestive system.

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Oh dear...you have a sexy voice and the song is great as long as I ignore the meaning. This is so nice, I think you should write a new lyric...like a nice love song, maybe? Blush

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I love the juxtaposition of such a gorgeous gentle beautiful song with such a grossly intimate and inevitable mess we all deal with. Nice nod to public health as well. This is one of the more accurately descriptive journey of poop songs I’ve heard from the colon to the sewer. Nice toilet bowl and bowel movement detail.