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I remember when you said hello
the way you looked and your clothes
I was scared to say hello
i was forced to act

know that everyones like that
Trying to hold the fear back
Sometimes the road just unwinds
Sunshine turns into darkness

I remember when i was a child
about as smart as I am now
days i had were filled with fun
how can i get there now that you’re gone

But i know that everyone’s broken
Hearted just trying to get by
Sometimes the road just unwinds
Sunshine turns into darkness

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love the arrangement and jazz treatment. the chorus when it goes even more frenetic with the impro jazziness is especially cool. i like the fade out.

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the different guitar registers blend to create a mood both melancholic and anxious, the soft vocal floats between the bass, the rhythm, and the lead,.......,sometimes rising to the surface trying to break free,,, but in the end, the victory goes to the darkness and the guitars,

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This reminded me of Radiohead circa 2000! It's my favorite radiohead! Good work.

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Yeah, the guitars are killer, love the reverb, and the emotive changes are excellent. Sonically a very interesting song.