Bootheel Watermelons

Bootheel Watermelons

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Liner Notes: 

I have such wonderful memories of eating those ice cold watermelons off my Dad's milk truck as a kid. I seldom fine any around here from that area.
Recently though, I stopped at a local fruit stand and he said he had some from the Missouri Bootheel. So, I am getting it ice cold and hopefully
they will still be the best!


Bootheel Watermelons
© 2019 Cindy Prince

My Daddy brought them home
On his milk truck in the summer
They were ice cold that way

He'd bring enough for all of us
There was nothing I liked better
A sweet memory even today

Bootheel watermelons
Southeast Missouri grown
Bites tasted like heaven
The sweetest ones I've ever known

At a local country fruit stand
The vendor told me about them
He got them from the Bootheel
And my mouth started waterin'

It's been so long since I had one
Will they still be the same
Or is it the memory that's sweet?

Of course I had to find out
It's cooling as I write this
I hope they still can't be beat

Repeat chorus

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Oh yeah. You gotta chill that melon til it's I've cold. Then it's the best. I just hope it was really sweet for you. I hate when you get a watermelon, and it tastes like a dang cucumber.

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It wasn't like I remembered. Not sweet enough. Oh well