Fuck You From A Song You'll Never Hear

Fuck You From A Song You'll Never Hear

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Liner Notes: 

I'm feeling a lot today and most of it is pissed off. I'm living in a community and a friend's house caught fire last night - no one got hurt, thank god, but I didn't sleep well and I'm holding a lot. Everyone is. I was writing this song in a shared staff space and I was told to be quiet and I wanted to say "fuck you" to this person. Obviously not a good move so I didn't. This song is literally what happened. CAUTION: Vulgar language

It felt cathartic to just scream in to my phone. So if this song is abrasive, I know. I feel better though- I got something out of my system.

Medicine is medicine, yo.


As I wrote this song
You told me I was too loud
From the other room
At the computer
You said you couldn't concentrate
You were rehearsing
A speech about your mother
About why you have a hard time speaking up
You remind me of my mother
How I had to make myself small
To make room for the emotions flying around
On my bed
I'd sing my songs
So quietly as not to disturb my family sleeping
With the noise

But it's not noise
It music
And now I'm older
I want you to hear it
I take up space
And that's OK
So fuck you for telling me to quiet down

I could've said fuck you to your face
I would have felt so justified
In the moment
But I stepped outside to write this song
While mosquitoes suck my blood
And the sun is going down
So I smolder like a cigarette
About to be stomped out

So fuck you from a song
You'll never hear
Fuck you from a song
You'll never hear
Fuck you from this song

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It works; grunge lo fi done well, too. It flows nice with good orchestration, for what you explain it to be.

Hey, sometimes songs are just for us, and those are usually the most cathartic ones. Probably for the best that you screamed out a song instead screaming in their face. Smile The way you almost come to a stop at the end of the first verse is very cool.

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This is very raw in emotion and the equally raw and visceral performance fits it really well. It's a very relatable feeling I guess for all of us who write music to be told to shut up, or that we are too loud by those who don't believe in us at all. Let's believe in us. I believe in u. Good work.

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It's great to know they don't even know they're being vilified, right? Never piss off a songwriter unless you want to be pinned to the wall of a song. Beautifully harsh.