A Little Love Story

A Little Love Story

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Liner Notes: 

Klaus is thinking aloud: Hmm...interesting. My spellchecker doesn't show any red on these lyrics. Good for you, Kristi. And also thanks for these really nice set of words. I started doing the melody noon today, just the chorus. Started doing the demo half-past 8 p.m. and the thing was on my Dropbox around midnight. So little over three hours, more like four, but it still feels like it came easily. This gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and a deep sense of satisfaction.
For which I thank Kristi, a lot! Smile

Kristi says: Thank you, Klaus! This is so lovely! You make all the lines sound so natural. I like what you did with those little lifts! And those last lines of the chorus make an impact! Fun bridge!...I think that change up adds a playfulness to the story...very cool. Amazing how you add so many unique nuances to add to the overall mood!



Talkin’ to you
Makes me happy
Nothing forced
Nothing fancy

Being with you
Lifts my spirits
Open and honest
I am fearless

And I hope

A little love story
Is written in time
We’ll turn the pages
And open our minds
With a little love story
So easy on the eyes
Life is ten times better
And a fascinating ride

Listening to you
Worries don’t matter
I’m comfortable in
Uncharted waters

Discovering you
Yeah, I’m lucky
You’re never imposing
Never stuffy

And I know

A little love story
Is written in time
We’ll turn the pages
And open our minds
With a little love story
So easy on the eyes
Life is ten times better
And a fascinating ride

So let’s take a walk this afternoon
Float on the air like a balloon
Find shades of red, orange and blue
Together there’s so much we can do

Repeat ch

©2019 Kristi McKeever

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you really know how to break down a lyric in a way that sounds like lyrics are being written to music rather than the opposite, you and kristi make an exceptional writing team. each new song brings new pleasure to my ears and mind.

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I can imagine you liked the meter of the lyrics and that it the music has come to you pretty easily... I like these little variations you have when singing and speaking of the music... very nice again. Easy on the ears and quite an enjoyable song. Really enjoyed the ending too!

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This is awesome! Love the chord progression and vocals - the romance comes through so well. Beautiful! No wonder it was suggested that you’d be the one for “A Yellow Haze.” No pressure. Smile

Jerry Pettit's picture

You guys are good at this whole collaboration thing. Very nice commercial pop song--everything's perfect for it. Wonderful catchy chorus and the usual nice vocal and arrangement. (And lyrics, of course!!)

jcollins's picture

First, I was going to click on this anyways because it is Klaus. That said, the title really jumps at me so this should be fun.

Looking at the lyrics...very nice opening and positive message. Chorus now...I love your writing Kristi and this is one of the reasons why. Second verse section is very sweet. Nice visual bridge. Great job on this Kristi. I'm ready for the audio...hold. Keys opening with strings...very nice...drums...vocals now...good vocals...sidestick...chorus now...very nice...good melody. Good mix. Yeah, I'm lucky...and I know...love story written in time...we'll turn the pages...catchy. Bridge now...nice changeup to doubletime. Chorus...strong hook a little love story. oooh and out. Very nice Klaus and Kristi.

That delicious chorus will get me to the mailbox every time. Not just a silly love song, but written and recorded from the heart. Fantastic collab!

cts's picture

Oh wow - really dig this. So I wasn't sure what to expect before actually pressing "play", but I certainly like this little pop confection the two of you have put together. I very much like the chorus.

kahlo2013's picture

Really lovely sound and feel to this well written and perfectly performed smooth pop song. Fantastic collaboration!

Acousticmaddie's picture

Great song, lovely iuse of temp changes. great lyrics. Really like the instrumentation and your voice is awesome here.