moon over rochester

moon over rochester

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Liner Notes: 

We worked this one out after a couple of tries last Tuesday at practice with the Catalytic Perverters. That took about 12 minutes.

Today, I was running low on lyrical inspiration, so I picked up corinne54's prompt from the Sunday July 14th song skirmish. The prompt was "Moon Over ______"

On April 8th, 2024, my house will be almost completely within the zone of totality of a solar eclipse. Apparently, my city is a major destination for viewing the eclipse. What many of these people may not realize is that it is April, in Rochester... I reckon 80% chance of overcast skies. There could be even more disappointment in smugtown than usual. Or it could be FREAKING AWESOME!!!

Lyrics took me about 10 minutes to write and five to record. Quick mix. All told, about 40 minutes on the clock. Skirmish!


the new moon over rochester
will create a total eclipse of the sun
on the eighth of april in 2024

never watch with the naked eye
except at the time of totality
but since this is rochester
it will probably be cloudy

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I'm so loving the live band recording here. Sounds like all of my band recordings (I'm sure every band at some stage has recordings that sound like this). Let's hope that the clouds stay away for the event. Good job Smile

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I enjoy your live band tunes. You guys are tight. Good luck on seeing the eclipse. I saw the one in 2017 with 1:27 totality. Magical. Good skirmish tune.