Punched In The Face By Morrissey In Nazi-Occupied Paris

Punched In The Face By Morrissey In Nazi-Occupied Paris

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Liner Notes: 

Hey, Fuzzy here;

@Mosley sent me this backing track (which I have looped a couple of times) and asked me if I wanted to do something with it.

I of course said yes.

No, I did not use a script; a lot of this story is improvised on the spot.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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In the immortal words of Monty Python, "What an eccentric performance!"
But somehow I think that's the point?
Great storytelling if a little... odd. Biggrin
I enjoyed my listen.

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If only James Bond had plots like this. Love the bit where Morrisey accuses you of staring at his testicles, and the jaw dropping end where you reveal AC/DC and INXS were all born the year after Mozart's balls were recovered by the Aussie secret service, haha priceless.
I was also captivated by the way history was so pliable in your hands and dates were creative commons.

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mozart died in 1791, so this must be taking place in an alternate universe where the smiths were a band from nazi germany and morrissey really is ronnie kray....this would make a great terry gilliam movie, but tarantini would probably ruin it with his remake.

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Man, I applaud you for having an eccentric free spirit. This is pretty hilarious. Laurie Anderson eat this! Very entertaining music for this story too Smile

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how could i resist morrissey getting what's coming to him. the whining ball stealer. i love your stories. deliciously surreal and the backing music is great. sounds legit.

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Best title and tags ("bear suit," "testicles," etc.). Background music suitably carnivalesque! This reminds me of Ivor Cutler's surreal stories. And I could see The Smiths as Hitler's favorite rock band. I laughed hard at the "two egg-shaped items." Bizarre and brilliant!

Guys, you had me at the title. Everything else is the cherry on the top. A very large, time-travelling, crowd-surfing cherry.

But it was the line "I mean, I've been shanked by Cab Calloway three or four times" that pushed me completely over the edge. Where are my dried frog pills?

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OMG. (This may be the best thing you have ever done.)

You know, TWICE I have bought tickets to see him in recent years, and TWICE he has cancelled.

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No-one will top that title!

Nice storytelling - wonderfully bizarre. Love the AC/DC + INXS birth story conclusion.

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Like @headfirstonly, I howled with laughter at the Cab Calloway line. A joy from start to finish.

Perfect match of eccentric music with a gripping yarn throughout!

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Oh man, this is the best! Toby heard me from the next room and came to check on me b/c he thought I was crying. He's such a sweetheart! I tried to talk him into listening, but he wouldn't. Oh gen z! You don't know good stuff when you hear it. Sigh...
I love you guys so much.