My Heart's Gone Too

My Heart's Gone Too

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Liner Notes: 

This should NOT be construed in any way as the definitive version of My Heart's Gone Too.
It is, however, the version I recorded on July 4 before posting the #FakeIt challenge.

I love the songs everyone's come up with so far and I'll keep listening to hear what everyone else comes up with...
(And next time I'll write a HAPPY lyric for this challenge. LOL)


Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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This is very pretty! We seem to have a similar preference for modes. This is a wonderful match of music to lyrics, both solid on their own and better together.

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this is a sophisticated piece of pop music with a blues foundation that reminded me at time of the zombies. the music on the verses is especially good.

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Melancholic chords and lilting vocal melody. Very enjoyable listen and definitely captured a bleak feeling. When you go to that major chord it really captures the ear - like a little beam of light through the clouds

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Hey, great vocal on this, metalfoot! Very nice song and very nicely performed. Very much enjoyed it.

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Actually my second listening of a fake it challenge piece, and it sounds so different to the one by @ductapeguy!

Beautiful performance, gorgeous chords, and a lovely vocal.

Even if the words are a bit sad, it doesn’t stop it from being a beautiful piece!

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I know you don't consider this the "definitive version", but the words and music gel perfectly here. You deliver this melancholy tune so very well.

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I really like the sad, wistful mood of this one. Great melody and chord choices that complement the lyrics perfectly.