Small Things

Small Things

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Liner Notes: 

Disclaimer: I actually wrote this song in 2005. It's on my album called "Real." But the last words in the sermon Sunday were "You'll find God in the small things." So I decided to write a new arrangement of my song. The original is drums and piano in C. This one is guitar and bass in A. Hope writing an arrangement for an existing song isn't too much of a cheat. I did rewrite one line of the lyric as well. LOL


Small Things
Susan Cantey © 2019

Sleeping bags 'neath a starry sky;
Cricket songs are filling the night,
God seems far away,
Till I hear my daughter pray:
Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

My God's in the... small things:
A song when a child sings
Roses in the evening
Or a warm summer breeze,
When life overwhelms me,
He sends small mercies,
If I wonder where God has been...
I’ll find Him in the....... small things.

The sun comes up, a new day starts;
Dawn doesn't wait for broken hearts,
Picking flowers, skipping stones,
Watching the ants as they scurry home,
A little girl laughs and tosses her hair,
I look in her eyes and see her daddy there.


A grain of sand becomes a pearl;
Drops of water form a waterfall,
Notes on a page, a symphony,
And God uses a small voice
When He speaks to me.


I wonder where God has been...
Then find Him in the.......
Small things.

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Beautiful voice, lovely harmonies, and a great message. Well done!

cindyrella's picture

I love the message! I am always saying this I am happy you redid this-lovely!

kahlo2013's picture

Glad you shared it! Love the message and the arrangement! Beautiful and inspiring!

jcollins's picture

Looking at the lyrics...Camping! Nice prayer too. Nice visuals again with the child sings, summer breeze. Last verse, again very visual with the sun, dawn, skipping stones and etc. chorus now...very nice. Find him in the small things outro...very nice lyrics Susan, in fact, quite excellent. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. guitar opening...singing now...sounds great. Good I lay me down to sleep...double vocals now...very nice. Nice sounding guitar. I the small things...bass kicking in now...can clearly understand the lyrics. Nice pause...chorus again...I hear flutes I think...there is a fill in there after waterfall...not sure what it was but sounded great. There is that fill again...very nice outro. Great song!

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I like your melody a lot. And your arrangement is a good one, it works well for me. The pause is a nice touch.

And I don't think it's cheating as long as you let us know in the liner notes. Good one.

darcistrutt's picture

Very sweet. I like the strum and gentle melody. Nice message! Lovely harmony.