The Moon

The Moon

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Liner Notes: 

I wrote this one around the 50th anniversary of the Apollo landing, just finally figured out the melody the other day and got it recorded. It's a weird one, but I kind of like it.


The moon is weeping
At the beauty of the earth
Despite human catastrophes
That leave the deepest scars

The moon is longing
In silent silver stardust
For a cosmic serenade
Sent from the earth with love

The moon is hungry
Face turned toward the sun
Light refracting off of tears
That push and pull the tides

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I *really* like moon references in songs. A weeping moon. What a wonderful image. Nice light and lovely guitar. Your vocal performance enhance the lyrics and make them feel melancholy. This is very poetic and image rich. I like it.

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I like that the moon is portrayed as a living creature. Three nice allegories. Well done...not weird.

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This is beauty. I love things about the moon, so mysterious and lovely. This made me wish I had written it. You have such a lovely voice, very melodious and it really brings the words and feelings to life. Makes me feel sorry for the moon, so lonely. Kudos!