it's fine, it's fine

it's fine, it's fine

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song in the style of unreliable narrator, where the narrator is your brain feeding you distorted thinking and ends up being malicious. it's certainly what it feels like living with PTSD and depression.

also some stupid prog or "musical ADHD," as i call it. whatever.

i've been trying to learn how to mix, and boy, it ain't easy.

most of the fonts you hear are FM synthesis. when you don't have a guitar and can't play guitar, FM synthesis is there to cuddle you at night and shush your insecurities away.


leave all your thoughts and woes behind
we've got some fun and games in mind
it's fine, it's fine
if you sign here on the dotted line
we will make sure you won't return

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Five seconds in and I've added you to my watchlist. This is excellent stuff - takes me back to the sort of music I used to listen to in my teenage years.

Oh, who am I kidding? It's exactly the sort of stuff I *still* listen to...

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Heck yeah. Thank you for the listen and the watch, fellow progger. "Progger" sounds awful, maybe we should come up with a different name. "Progamus maximus"? I'll think on it.

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Oh yeah, this is really nice.
Lovely energetic prog music.
Gotta Watchlist you.

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Thanks for the listen and watch! Hope to help progify it up around here.

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Simple but catchy vocal. Complex & intriguing instruments. Very cool! Love the panning effects.

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Hah, I'm glad I can make the vocals sound simpler than they actually are. Thanks for listening!

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It jumps straight into it. The whole lyric set is done in a few secs!
the synth/electronic stuff is cool (reminds me of our mate, fluidvolt, actually)
supa coola tuna

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I would LOVE to hear what ridiculous intense prog fluidvolt could make. I bet he'd make wild stuff and I am here for it.