Heart is Knocking

Heart is Knocking

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Liner Notes: 

Written for Day 2 of the July 2019 Fearless Songwriting Challenge - "The One You Feed". I was inspired by Derek Walcott's poem "Love after Love" (definitely give it a read if you haven't!) and the first verse draw liberally from his poem. I wrestled with this song a lot - it was a more labored birth than other songs I have written. I wrote a lot of words, got rid of them, and moved some back to see if they would fit in a new context.

Inspired by Seth Godin's "Ship It" Journal, he asks what my definition of Perfect is and to compare that to Good Enough. When I shoot for perfect, I often get caught up in the minutiae and don't finish. Good enough is what I want to aim for - to capture the essence and energy without obsessing on getting a perfect song/take.


Give wine, give bread
Give your heart to the stranger
Who knows you better than your name does
She has loved you all your life
Though you turned your back and walked away
She’s been loving you anyways

Have you ever felt a hunger
That you can’t seem to fill
With all the money, sex,
And prescription pills?
There’s an earthquake rattling
you awake at night
Calling you back to life

Hold the stranger in your arms
Feel the drum of your heart beating on and on
You’re never far from home
You are rooted to the earth
And opened up to the universe

Have you ever felt small
Thought you couldn’t contain
Your fears and worries
All the aches and shame
These cracks in the wall
Let the light peek through
This love that shines on you

Won’t you come out?
Your heart is knocking at your door

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how can i not love a transcendental love song? all the feeling and none of the corn,

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I am touched. It sings right through. It's taking places. Perfection is overrated. This is not.

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Oh my goodness! I’m going to pay you the highest compliment I can. In this song you sound like Burton Cummings of The Guess Who, who I would have listened to sing the phonebook back in the day! Wow!

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Well, this is definitely different! Wonderful panning in the intro...then lovely strumming and vocal comes in. Well said message, well delivered. Folksy good! Then the harmony: simply gorgeous!! Give rose

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This is the kind of message that people need to hear. Reassuring and I like how simply being connected to the earth can make one feel at home. I enjoyed the strumming and those harmonies really make those last two lines soar. It's a lovely song.