Tiny Robots

Tiny Robots



Liner Notes: 

I seem to have come over all Hans Zimmer. I'll probably do so again, too.

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billwhite51's picture

im wondering where in the movie i would pu this music . i think end credits would be best. id like to leave the cinema with this trailing me.

metalfoot's picture

That's a very cinematic and energetic bit of music there! I might use this in some sort of action-chase sequence myself.

cts's picture

Pretty epic, Chris. I was thinking about a few flicks I've seen from the late 80s that really captured my imagination. Your song is the prefect companion piece!

Fuzzy's picture

I had to listen for the tiny robots, cos I'm a big fan of tiny robot noises.
Those sound like some scary nanobots...
For me, not so much "cinematic" as "excellent music to drive really fast to".
Listening first thing in the morning; this is better than coffee.
Great work!

jcollins's picture

9 string guitar...that's interesting. Cool drum intro...whoa...cool groove...guitar coming in now. Something else coming now...not sure what it is but has a nice melody. Break changeup now...sounds good...guitar coming back in...sounds great. Definitely digging this all the way through. I'm listening with my headset on and can hear everything. Good mix. Nice fade out. Yeah, you do some great stuff and this is a perfect example of what you are capable of with the music. Great job on this.

Jerry Pettit's picture

Wow, great job! Going to have to listen to some of your other stuff. You've obviously been around the block with this kind of thing before. Very polished! Enjoyed it a lot!

Silver Machine's picture

Never heard of this Hans Zimmer bloke, so naturally supposed he invented the 'frame'. That left me expecting something slow and doddery, and not this very sprightly robot dance piece. The guitar incursions were the highllight for me.