Ile a la Crosse

Ile a la Crosse

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Liner Notes: 

We are visiting an uncle I have not seen for 30 years at his cabin on the shores of Ile a la Crosse, Sakatchewan. I recorded this on the lakeshore about an hour before sunset.


Just the sounds of the waves on the shore accompanying my guitar.

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the music seems to reflect what you are looking at in the sense that i can close my eyes and see something simiiar in my minds eye. pelicans of the setting sun.

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Wonderful imagery is conveyed through the waves and your gorgeous guitar. Such a perfect setting is conveyed. I love the evolution and the change up in the middle section - like the dramatic beauty of the sun at the horizon. The climax of the end of a perfect day is what it feels like.

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Lovely music -- feels like sitting at the water's edge.

We obsess in the studio about removing even the slightest bit of extraneous noise, and yet a song like this, recorded in the midst of all the sounds of nature with waves lapping on the shore, is elevated to something really special. Just beautiful.

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Ah, I love love love the background sound of the waves and your description of the scene--just makes a lovely instrumental that much more evocative. I really like the ringing sounds of the open strings on your guitar in the section that starts around 1:23.

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I love that you recorded this right out on the lake and you can hear the wind and the water. The beginning sounds waltz-like, but towards the end it sounds more like it's in 4. Does it change time or was I mishearing the slower bit? It could be counted in either meter. I like how relaxing it is and the little bits of dissonance.