Lake Round

Lake Round

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Liner Notes: 

a Round
Like in girls scout camp
To be sung at the fire scar by the lake near dusk
Arms around each other


lake is calm
sky is blue
breeze is warm
water is cool


time is now
day is new
life is good
here with you


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Just lovely! Such pretty music and this made such a wonderful song!

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Sweet! The music recalls the gentle waves of a lake.

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I like that there is a rhythmic form to this too and how the two verbing verses are offset. And definitely camping is perfect round fodder!

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What a lovely song! And works so wonderfully as a round!

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I read the words first - poetic the way they look and read on the page (screen).
And what a charming musical version! Really nice and soothing and evocative, especially in the headphones I'm wearing. Nostalgic for me too - seems very Midwest summer. Lovely!

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Really amazing! I love how it circles over itself (like a round is supposed to do) and is so gentle!

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Beautiful. Your vocals are just great. I can also imagine children singing the rounds like Row Your Boat. The guitar is so full and pretty.Wonderful song.

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Ha...I totally recognize the GB guitar right out of the gate. Ah...this is such a meditative song, both lyrically and musically. I just want to float along on the music and stare at the clouds

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Oh the way the lyric verses overlap is just beautiful!