The strength we need is in our hands

The strength we need is in our hands

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Liner Notes: 

This is a political song about Scottish independence but it's based on a more traditional breakup - liberation song. The idea being that oppressed people have the strength to break free if circumstances favour them. At first it was an instrumental DADGAD guitar tune but the words seemed to fit. I thought of a spoken word piece after hearing one by @billwhite51


I woke and felt something had changed
The curtains open
Sunlight everywhere

Fog lifted
Wounds healed
Finally I understood, I realised
I'm looking forward now
I'm ready for it all

I don't need you to say I can be free
I just need to act likeI am

The words are in my head
The feelings are in my heart
The strength I need is in my hands

We could share this
We could feel this
We can be this strong

We don't need anyone
To tell us we are free
We just act as if we are

The words are in our heads
The feelings in our hearts
The strength we need is in our hands

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today it is independence day here in peru and you have written the perfect song to inspire us. its all in the mind you know. thank you.

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Interesting guitar work there. Nice vocal--I enjoyed it. Been to Scotland a couple of times (my favorite part being the tour of the Glenfiddich distillery!)

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What an inspirational song! I feel hopeful just listening to it. Great job!

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I love the quiet power and strength of control nviction in this song. Really well done!

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It's like a @billwhite51 + @Roddy mashup! I like the interplay between the keys and guitar. Strong hopeful message that could apply to a variety of situations.

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Great strong write. You make us listen with your intriguing way of expressing your voice.