Night People (This City is Ours)

Night People (This City is Ours)

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Silver car racing through the night
No destination. Just for the sight
Of the city and its neon glow
Improvising; going with the flow

Go to the club and maybe meet a girl
Just feel the bass and watch the bodies whirl
Not making plans 'cos we've got the time
We're young and free, and we're feeling fine

During the day we'll endure the crowds
But after dark this city is ours
We feel the pulse of the city night
We are its heart; we are its delight

Could be Berlin, New York or Tokyo
Soul of the city's where night people go
Where the music sets your body free
Where you can be who you want to be


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This got me wiggling my butt, which is a rare thing Biggrin Love the sultry 80s pop vibe. Classic feel to it.

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for some reason, this song came to my mind after listening to yours. not that the two are similar in any respect,,,except for thecubjective connection i am making,, i offer the link only because i think you might like the song if you dont already know it . perhaps there is some common ground beteeen you and brett. by the way, yoour song also gets a thumbs up.

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Digging this bit of quirky synthpop.
The vocals are very cool, love the processing and the way you've sung them - very synthpop.
You've got this feel and vibe down, in my opinion.
Great lyrics for this style, too; perfect chorus
If I didn't know better, this could be a long lost track from any number of my faves.

Absolutely nails that early 80s synthpop sound. The breathy vocals, particularly the repeated "night people" in the chorus, are just the right mix of languid and distant. Very nicely done!

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There is certain kraftwerkian coolness and clarity in the sounds but the song behind it is more like early Depeche Mode: the romantic nightlife and club scenes of young people in the big city looking for love and freedom. Nice vocals and harmonies. Very well written and executed, enjoyable and danceable. Smile

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I just listened to your splendid cover of "Dance Away," so I thought I'd give one of your originals a go as well.
It seldom occurs to me to write music such as this - I'm a keyboard player by training but an acoustic guy as I got into performing. And I love when I hear awesome songs like this one of yours - catchy and well-produced and with such a groove. I did some, but not much, clubbing in my youth, and I danced to songs like this. Yours makes me feel good and nostalgic, yet it's also fresh and inspiring me in the present moment. Nice one!