Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

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Liner Notes: 

Another round thanks to @katpiercemusic's instructions. I wanted to explore beyond the nursery rhyme kinda sound. So first I considered what would suit a melancholic round, and the famous lines from Macbeth came to mind. Then thought of the pentatonic minor which would allow for harmonies without having to stick to particular chords. Then went with 3/4 just to mix things up Biggrin

And yeah I outright borrowed/stole from both Shakespeare and Dylan Thomas Biggrin


Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
The never-ending toil and sorrow
Til the dying of the light takes us away

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I've got a soft spot for songs in rounds format and this is no exception. Really enjoyable.

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That's really nicely done. I gotta try Kate's instructions!

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I'm hearing a lot of English folk music here - your track might be 200 years old.
Gosh, so short!
I coulda done with another couple of minutes!
So nice!!

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Been following the round thread! Very well done Tina - really folky feel and the background repeats really add!

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Wow, this is clever and very well done. You have created a choir! I love the low register melody. I guess if you are going to borrow from others then Shakespeare and Dylan Thomas are pretty top choices.

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I LOVE this! I was thinking about Emily Dickinson or Shakespeare as a round. This is, as my good friend puts it, amazeballs! Pentatonic is really good for rounds because you can hang out one chord without sounding static and the only dissonance you might encounter will still sound good. You're going to force me to up my round game! Thank you so much!

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wow lovely, works really well as a round as you have it here, such a lovely folk feel to the melody, also great to mash up shakespeare with dylan thomas! really nice.

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Oh, this is so pretty! What a clear tone in your vocal. I really enjoyed hearing how it sounds in the round. Very nice!

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Gorgeous! Love the melody and the feeling it creates.