Round and round

Round and round

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Liner Notes: 

Well this is thanks to @katpiercemusic's instructive forum post about how to write a round. Just an experiment.


Tumbling, spiralling, falling free
Dancing up and down a melody
Reaching, climbing up a tree
Round and round we go so dizzily

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Delightful - what a wonderful first song of the morning! Sounds like what you're describing in the lyrics.
I was intrigued by that forum thread, too. May try a round myself.

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Love the additional instruments for added interest! And the round is really solid. There's good rhythmic and melodic variation from line to line but they all lock together really well. I love it!

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one of the best rounds ive heard, and splendidlly performed,

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Such a lovely playful quality! Works beautifully!

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Wow, came across this as I was trying to grasp the writing rounds game katie came up with (i'm still kinda lost so I think I'll pass) but this just sounds so good. The instrumentation here is all so...playful and pleasant and cheery. Then the way you sing it adds so much more. I feel like one can't help but feel at least a little bit better after hearing this than they did coming in.

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Yeah, this is great. I love the 'bass' thing you've got going on in there. The lyric sort of describes how it feels to be caught up in this vortex of music