Loving Her Was Easy

Loving Her Was Easy

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Liner Notes: 

I used Lyric Cloud and had these words: Melon, sweet, tasted, fluid, stinging, pain. I'd love someone to pick this one up


Loving Her Was Easy
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Her lips were melon
A mixture of salt and sweet
I asked her to stay
And then came the heat

Her movements were fluid
She melded to me
She surrounded my being
With utter ecstasy

But she had a way of disappearing

Loving her was easy
Keeping her was hard
She was there, then she wasn't
I was always on guard
She seemed to know
When to lay down her cards
Loving her was easy
Keeping her was hard

Her stinging came quick
Like a scorpion's tail
Then she'd love me mad
Keep me under her spell

Her coming and going
Was both heaven and pain
But time after time
I'd take her right back again

Repeat chorus

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I was kind of thinking this was going to be a song about a cat. Something about your descriptors maybe? Cats do many of these things, especially that stinging section.

That's a good hook! Good job with the lyricCloud words. I especially like that second verse. "She melded to me" That's great!

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Got some i very interesting lines. I like the scorpion reference. The rest is very good but Not sure about salty melons ours are only sweet

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I was thinking about about how some people put salt
on melons, but maybe something else would be better

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This is great! So gritty and raw with a realistic character. Your lyrics are especially descriptive in this song as you totally harness the ‘show not tell’ method of writing.