Time for Yourself

Time for Yourself

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Liner Notes: 

Self-care, the song! I'm totally guilty of trying to be ultra-productive all the time, and so this is a gentle way of reminding myself to take it easy when I can.

I decided to get to know my emulated Synclavier better, thus the extra digital edge on all the synth sounds here. It's amazing what morphing partials can do for you, in a way that I totally didn't expect.


Somewhere along the way
We decided that it would not be productive to play
And so the myth of the modern worker was born
And I'm here to tell you that that idea deserves nothing but your scorn

Take time for yourself

And don't you go falling into that trap
that says you need to be solving problems to be all that
It's okay to watch some mindless tv

The purpose of your time spent alone
is only just a little bit about getting your skills honed
The rest of it should be about recuperating so you can be all that you can be

Take time for yourself

it’s possible to overdo it
But I trust that you won’t
It’s possible to over-accrue it
But I trust that you won’t

It’s possible to know it’s right
And still do it wrong
It’s possible to do it late at night
But I trust that you’ll only do that sometimes

Take time for yourself

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i cant believe how clean tthe sound is here. and being given the ok to watch mindless tv is something the whole world needs.

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Has that lovely clean Depeche Mode feel. Nice song, well delivered

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To more or less quote Malcolm in Jurasssic Park (the novel) "Thirty thousand years ago, at the time of the cave paintings in Lascaux, humans worked 20 hours a week to keep themselves fed and sheltered. And they lived in a natural world, with clean air and water." Yes, this is where your song sent my mind. Super cool music & melody, too.

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Beautiful song, I could listen to it again and again. Very interesting lyrics touching important subjects.